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Taylor & Taylor has helped hundreds of victims of rape, sexual assault, armed robbery, molestation, murder and other violent crimes. Although we cannot erase memories of the trauma, we are proud to have helped each and every one of our clients begin their recovery from the emotional, physical and economic hardships created by violent crime. No law firm in the Country has handled as many crime-related cases as ours.



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Far too often, we wake up to headlines like these in our local newspapers. We help the victims of those violent crimes. Business and property owners are required to make their properties safe for their customers. This includes taking reasonable security measures to prevent criminals from hurting people on their property. Unfortunately, many property owners know they have serious crime problems. But instead of addressing the situations that entice criminals onto their property, the problem is ignored and often hidden. The result - thousands of people each year are unnecessarily victimized by violent crime. Unsuspecting consumers are hurt as they shop at the malls, walk to their cars in parking garages or on parking lots, sleep in their apartments, dorm rooms or hotels, or simply pump gas at the local station.

Our mission is threefold:

(1) to help our clients overcome the hardships created by violent crime.

(2) to do everything we can to force property owners to make their property safe for their customers.

(3) to provide legal support and information to victim advocates who may not have regular access to legal counsel.

Taylor & Taylor investigates crimes taking place in shopping malls, apartment communities, college campuses, hospitals, day care centers, parking garages, parking lots, service stations, convenience stores, fast food restaurants and other similar establishments. We will help you learn if the property owner may have contributed to the crime through its negligent policies and security procedures.

This website is offered to crime victims and victim service organizations as a resource. Civil recourse should be an integral part of any professional advocate's arsenal of resources for victims. We hope our site helps you understand the types of situations where civil recourse may be available to your clientele. Please visit us often, as we constantly update our resources page.

As always, victim advocates are welcome to call us with questions about victims' rights or other legal issues affecting their clients-FREE OF CHARGE.

Visit the "EXAMPLES OF CASES HANDLED" section to learn more about the types of cases we handle and to learn more about this unique area of the law.

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